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Selection of training providers:

These pointers are suggested in the selection of training providers: Ask a senior business advisor to help determine which consultants are needed, write the training program, evaluate credentials, and recommend contracting options. Understand what your company really needs and why. Don’t pit one consultant against another, just to get free ideas. Don’t base the training […]

How can you evaluate external training providers?

How can you evaluate external training providers? It’s reckoned that over 25% of the external training that companies provide for their staff fall far short of meeting their needs. So how can directors ensure it will work effectively and that it’s money well spent? Not a cheap option In a recent survey by Knowledgepool, more […]

Policy on Accreditation of Skills Development Providers

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Accreditation Accreditation scope Amendment of scope Assessment Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) Institutional Audit Extension of Scope Formative Assessment Internal Assessment Occupational Qualification Official approval awarded to a Skills Development Provider that meets the minimum quality standards by QCTO to offer qualification registered on the OQSF The list of occupational qualifications and part […]

Training Providers Standards and Evidence

How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your Compliance Training Courses With new eLearning technologies available all the time and consistently updated legislation, compliance training needs to be adaptable within your organisation. Whether your compliance training strategy focuses simply around keeping your workforce legally compliant or feeds into your wider learning culture and organisational KPIs, it […]

Assess Corporate Training Solutions Providers

Assess Corporate Training Solutions Providers 1. Industry Recognition Almost every sector has its own internal awards these days. It’s a way of ‘game recognizing game’ and it raises overall industry standards. Some of these accolades are commercial, e.g. best-selling LMS or widest global reach. Some are more personal, such as best customer service or fasted […]