We offer the following services:

1.Installation of elearning solutions.

Installation of any moodle or wordpress, plugin or feature.

2.Fixed hacked or bugs in your site.

Restore you hacked site or fix bugs on your site.

3.Hosting of elearning solutions.

Hosting of elearning solutions on our dedicated servers that is geared for fast data hoarders.

4.Daily and hourly backup solutions.

Custom backup solutions for large and busy sites to limit loss of data.

5.Development of new features and plugins.

Development and implementation of new custom features.

6.Social media integration.

Integrate social media such as easy account creation.

7.Ecommerce integration.

Sell courses on your site with easy US Dollar or ZAR South African rand.

8.Extra security solutions.

Add additional security solutions to your elearning site.

9.Development of virtual policies.

Quality Management Policies as required by various bodies like SETAs and the QCTO.